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Web Application Development

We do web application development that can be hosted in Internet as well as Intranet as a private application within your organization. We use open technologies like PHP for server-side scripting and MySQL for database, so the clients will not be overburdened with software license costs. We provide maintenance, enhancement services for your existing applications too. We have good experience developing social network applications, eCommerce stores and shopping cart applications. We also provide support for PHP and AJAX scripting needs.

Mobile Application Development

We specialize in Android application development. We provide end-to-end solution in mobile space. We are skilled in developing complete stack mobile applications that includes native mobile apps, web services, backend server-side scripts and database. We can create native mobile apps to accompany your website and blogs. People accessing Internet via mobile is increasing exponentially. Gone are those website days, any business should make their presence felt through a mobile application. Better thing to do is to have a mobile-first strategy.

Wordpress Development

Wordpress is the leading blogging platform in the world. We provide theme, child theme and plugin development services for Wordpress. If you are interested in social networking application based on Wordpress, we have extensive experience in BuddyPress. We have developed many number of custom Wordpress themes and tailor-made plugins on Wordpress. If you are hosting your blog on or other free spaces, its high time you move to your own domain backed by Wordpress. We provide Wordpress optimization services too. Wordpress is a heavy platform with too many plugin options available to enhance it. We help you to choose the right plugin for your needs, with special focus on security and caching.

Java Application Development

Java is the best platform for enterprise applications. We provide application architecture consulting and development services. We have the capability to develop based on Spring or struts framework, Hibernate or any other leading ORM tools. We are well experienced on Java based open tools and we can reuse them and reduce the custom code footprint and reduce cost. We provide independent design and code review services.

Website Review

Website Review
Website optimization in terms of Google search engine and loading speed is critical to success. We have proven repeated record for optimization of websites. Optimizing a website to rank better in Google can decide a business' success and failure. Nobody likes a slower website. Slower not in term of minutes or seconds, slowness needs to be measure in milliseconds and optimized. Milliseconds gap can make a user not to buy a product from a website. One of the main factors Google considers for ranking is the loading speed of website. We do performance review and optimize the web site. We not only benchmark the results, but we provide you low-level detailed solutions along with review comments.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design
If your website was designed years back, we are sure that it will work only on the desktop. If the website does not perform well in a tablet or a cell phone then almost it amounts to not having a website itself. Having a not responsive website is worse than none as it will damage the brand value. We cannot choose to ignore it. First, people are using mobile devices than desktop computers to access Internet. Second, Google considers responsiveness as a signal for search results ranking. Responsive design is not only about aesthetics, it is also about functional usability. We have got loads of experience in designing and converting website to responsive design.

Blog Setup, Optimization and Management

Blogs are decade old. It is a powerful medium to communicate to our target audience. We can write a healthy article on our business website and make it viral on social media, in turn invite traffic to our business. Blogs are no more a luxury, it is an essential part of any online brand presence. Blog is the way to keep our website alive and updated. Search engines like fresh content. Think about our website with static pages. Those were created years back and how to make it reachable to our audience. A static website is good for nothing, unless a blog is added to it. We provide blog setup, optimization and management services. We will manage your blog and so you can focus on your primary business.

Payment Gateway Integration

We specialize in integrating PayPal payment gateway to websites. We have a successful case study where we integrated PayPal to a Doctor's website where-in he provides second opinion for patients through online. He has recorded 65% increase in demand for his services. Instant payment through credit card or bank will make the users life easier in online transactions. We have good experience integrating PayPal securely to web portals.

Web Design

Web Design
Modern day website is not just static page with image and content. It should be intuitive to the user. Website should be a medium to express ideas, a platform for communication and should invite user for a pleasant experience. Interacting with a website should feel like driving a technologically advanced race car. Though aesthetics is critical, its only half the job. But the key is, it should be functional. We do end to end web design and development. We create icons, graphics, UX libraries, develop using HTML5, CSS3, of course with responsive design and using JavaScript libraries like jQuery. As and when required, we use bootstrap like libraries for an uniform experience.

Performance Testing

We do performance testing for web applications and websites. We use free tools like jMeter to do load test functional behavior and measure performance. We simulate heavy load on your server and assess the performance. We measure the performance under various different loads, provide you with graphical results for informed decision making. We have good expertise in using JProfiler to resolve performance bottlenecks, identify memory leaks and threading issues. We are also good at using VisualVM on Java programs for memory and CPU profiling. We are good and performance testing a web application or a website at various levels using different tools as needed.

jQuery Development

jQuery is unarguably the leading JavaScript library for manipulating UI for seamless user experience. We provide custom jQuery plugin development services to suit your special needs. We help you identify the right jQuery plugin from public domain. We can also modify, extend an already existing plugin for your requirement. We also provide services to upgrade jQuery library in your existing website or bring in new features using latest jQuery version and respective plugins.

eCommerce development

  • Custom eCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento and Shopify.
  • Payment gateway integration: PayPal, Stripe,, 2Checkout, SagePay, Quantum, CCAvenue.
  • Shipping API integration: Australia Post API, DHL Express, USPS API.
  • Amazon MWS API integration. (Custom dashboard for sellers).

Domain experience

  • eCommerce.
  • Project management (kanban board, timeline, Gantt chart, timesheet tracking, etc) and invoicing.
  • Healthcare software (Case management system: patient history, appointment management, diagnosis information, treatment plan, treatment history, etc).

Framework and API

  • Web services.
  • Laravel, WordPress, BuddyPress
  • jQuery, Bootstrap, Tailwind, Foundation
  • SEMRush, MOZ API integration.
  • Amazon AWS EC2 cloud deployment.
  • OAuth integration (Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).
  • SMS messaging (Textlocal, Twilio).
  • OpenStreetMap

Google API

  • Google Firebase notifications.
  • Identity Platform (OAuth).
  • Maps Platform.
  • Geolocation API.
  • 2FA – Two-factor authentication.
  • Contacts API.
  • reCAPTCHA.


  • Excel, CSV, XML, JSON processing.
  • PDF generation.
  • Event based notification (email, SMS, firebase) systems.
  • Chart generation.
  • Comments, star rating plugins.
  • Web image editors (meme creators, etc).
  • Chat with AJAX polling.
  • Web scraping.
  • Website SEO review.
  • Booking, poll and voting scripts.
  • Inventory management and custom social network software.

The above is a summary only. We are confident of anything in web development.

Mobile APPs Development

  • Native Android APPs with Java and Kotlin

Internet of Things (IoT)

  • RaspberryPi boards.
  • LED display with I2C backpack.
  • Gmail API integration, notification and display.
  • Google Analytics API integration and stats display.
  • Mashup with Twitter and Facebook.
  • Temperature, motion, sound detection sensors.
  • Website uptime monitoring and reporting.
  • Headless VPN server setup.

We are an energetic team with enthusiasm to learn. If the project involves a tech stack that are not part of the above list, we are more than happy to learn and work on it. Learning is on us!

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